GreekTown on the Danforth BIA is excited to share with you “Not All Shadows Are Dark 2”. This installation started in the Summer of 2020 through the HomeBase project by The Steps Initiative. It has now grown with the support of East End Arts and The City of Toronto, and continues to respond to the impacts of the pandemic. In this iteration, Monica Gutierrez (@moicagq) and Camila Wong (@comilart) use shadows, light and silhouettes to share the message that as a community, #WeShineOn, and that even though we are currently facing a dark period, there is light even in the shadows.

Three shadow and light vignettes will tell the story of how community, love and care interact even when we are apart. Imagery is inspired by the vibrant flocks of pigeons that make Danforth and Pape their home. This piece is on display on the 2nd floor at 629 Danforth Ave., and is viewable from the street! It is a safe activity for everyone this winter, as we can enjoy public art while still maintaining social distance. #WeShineOn


Here are some fun activities and resources for you and your family to learn more about shadow art, and the science of light and shadows. Click to learn more!




– First, Glassine paper – a paper that is just opaque enough to capture the shadows and still let some light through – was used to cover the windows. This paper is installed on all the windows of both floors at 629 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor storefront.

– Next the lights were set up. There are three LED light sets on each floor. Each light is set to red, green and blue. They are set at just the right angle so that when combined the lights look white.

– Then, the cardboard cutouts are hung from the ceiling, in front of the lights. The artists are creating three “vignettes” – the first one is about love and coming together while staying apart, to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Family Day.

– The cutouts will cast shadows on the Glassine paper. The shadows will transform from dark to tri-coloured (cyan, magenta, and yellow).

– Finally, on each floor a fan is set up so that the cutout figures can dance in the interplay of light and shadow


For more about the artists, follow them on Instagram! Monica Gutierrez (@moicagq) and Camila Wong (@comilart).